Yoho Hostels

Fireweed Hostel

The Fireweed Hostel is located within the town of Field, directly across the Kicking Horse Lodge. Beautifully renovated, the hostel is a perfect place to meet other people travelling in the Canadian Rockies. During the summer season, from June to September, a dorm room costs $40. Private rooms (for 1-2 people) are $125, while private 2-bedroom suites (also for 1-2 people) are $160 a night.

Whiskey Jacks Hostel

Whiskey Jacks Hostel is located near Takakkaw Falls at the Iceline and Burgess Shale trail heads. It is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a place slightly off the beaten path, but if you still require the occasional indoor shower and prefer flush toilets. The Hostel is only open during the summer months as the road that leads to Takakkaw Falls is closed during the rest of the year due to icy conditions. There are 3 dorms with 3 beds in each room. A night’s stay costs approximately $25.

Photos from the Fireweed Hostel website and Hostels International.

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