Stocking Up on Supplies

When stocking up on groceries and other needed supplies, the easiest and cheapest place to get them is in Calgary at any grocery store that you may spot along the way. The easiest one to find would be the Rocky Ridge Co-Op on the way out of the city. After passing the Stoney Trail turn off, you need to take a right off of Highway 1 (you can see the store from the highway). The address is 11595 Rockyvalley Drive NW.
Phone: 403-299-5450

If you are afraid of your food geeting too warm, then your best bet is to stop in Canmore, at either the Co-Op or the Safeway will do.

What you should remember not to do is to wait to buy your groceries in the Mountain Parks. It is considerably more costly. Lake Louise and Field are very expensive places to get supplies, as there are no chains there and only a single store in each town, which has a monopoly on the prices.

If you find out that you need to get more groceries or supplies once you have reached Yoho, then your best bet is to head west to Golden, BC. It is a 40 minute drive, but Golden is outside of the Mountain Parks so the prices are much more reasonable.

If you do run into an emergency, there is a single shop in Field where you can pick up most of the essentials- for a price.

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