What to Bring

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake, photo by J. Verge

This is a list of suggestions of items to bring when hiking in the mountains.


– Waterproof hiking boots that have been broken in

– Hat, to prevent heat stroke

– Extra clothing- dress in layers because the weather can change very quickly in the mountains. Socks are particularly important.

– Waterproof jacket (even a thin one)


– Bug spray

– Bear spray (make sure you know how to use it, and know which way the wind is blowing so the spray will not go back into your face)

– First aid kit

– Sunscreen

– Map of the area, and a compass or GPS system


– Extra water (more than you think you’ll need). If it’s particularly hot bring something with added electrolytes, such as a sports drink. Do not bring anything containing caffeine, because it will dehydrate you.

– Protein-rich food, which is lightweight and dry (dry fruit and nuts are a good choice). Avoid bringing food with excessive salt, since this will also dehydrate you. Avoid bringing sweets, since the energy boost will soon turn into a crash.


– Camera

– Gloves if you plan on going on a scramble

– Sunglasses

– You can bring your cell phone, but on the trail you will probably not get reception

– Watch or clock so you know how fast you’re going and when to turn around if you’re running late

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