Emerald Lake

Beautiful Emerald Lake

At about an hour long, the hike around Emerald Lake is one of the easiest and most beautiful found in Yoho National Park. From here it is just possible to spot the location of the Burgess Shale Fossil Bed. The distinct colour of the water that the lake is named for comes from minerals suspended in runoff water from the melting of the Michael Glacier. The site of the famous Emerald Lake Lodge, the lake offers not only hiking but also fishing, canoeing, and (if you’re brave enough) even swimming. To get to the lake take the first right off of Highway 1 when heading west from the town of Field, and follow the road for approximately 10 minutes. Remember to keep your eyes peeled- more then a few Moose and Black Bears have been spotted on the side of the road.

Photos from www.field.ca

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