Town of Field, British Columba

Welcomed to Field BC, population 200. Originally a town of tents, Field was established in 1880s as a place to house construction workers for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The town is named after Cyrus Field, an American that the CPR was trying to woo for investment capital (he never did end up investing any money). As the only settlement located inside Yoho National Park, the villagers usually find themselves with many visitors when the summer crowds arrive, which is probably why so many houses are also registered guest houses. The people are always friendly, and even if the campsites are full you can usually find someone who will let you pitch your tent in their yard.

Photos by J. Verge, map of Field from the town website.

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  1.   Don Rhoneon 07 Jun 2009 at 4:44 pm 1

    Hi, I used to live in Field when I was very young. Father was employed by CPR and his first job was as a telegrapher in Field BC. The building you show as the Historic Railway House is the Telegraph station he worked at.

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